Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The 10 days of Blogging past - 2015 Edition: Day 9

We are almost done with our "The 10 days of Blogging past" for this year!  What an amazing journey huh?  Well tonight, we get to the post Leap seconds, Exadata, Oracle DB and Linux OS with an astonishing 1484 views over the past 9 months to take the runner-up spot in our overall view count contest!  If you are interested in the ratios, we are almost exactly 1:3 compared to last year so you can see the growth at the top end of the more popular articles on the site year over year.

Talking about just this year, the post 12c: High memory and CPU usage with ocssd.bin takes the runner-up spot with 415 views and I know a few views were actually one of my co-workers trying to investigate an issue they were having on a non-AIX system, and asked me for some insight on their issue since this was posted on my blog!  That was a nice little thrill, because I actually had somebody search for an issue and find my information as a top relevant hit on Google and I saw it right there on their screen!

Overall view "winners" from past years on this day:

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