Thursday, December 31, 2015

The 10 days of Blogging past - 2015 Edition: Day 10

On the final day of our feature the article with the most views all time here is R12: Application server craziness with 1719 page views and a closing ratio of 1:3.15!  Close on the heels of the overall winner this year is Leap seconds, Exadata, Oracle DB and Linux OS we featured yesterday as the second overall post with 1484 views and is clearly the winner this year with over a THOUSAND more views than the post before it!

The major thing I have taken away from this review is something that Jeff Smith brought up a few days ago on a LinkedIn post and he mentioned the notion of evergreen posts that retain their value for a great deal of time after they were posted.  Of the 10 overall posts I reviewed, 6 were about R12, 2 about Concurrent Manager, the other 2 were about DB issues, and only a single post was from this year!  Also from an overall total views perspective, last year I had just passed 40,000 and just a few days ago I passed 80,000 so still growing and more room to grow as well!
Overall view "winners" from past years on this day:

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