Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Magical Mystery Event Tour: Part 2

Continuing the outlook for wait events which are out of place comes a post about the mystery behind the "GV$: slave acquisition retry wait time" wait event I have encountered on 12c.  My MOS research found two articles which are on point, but neither of which makes a whole lot of sense:

WAITEVENT: "GV$: slave acquisition retry wait" - Note ID 371117.1

This document talks about a list of instances, and thinking there is a configuration change in process until it no longer thinks the configuration change is going on.  This was something I could not understand because nothing seemed to be reconfiguring, and the document did not point me to a specific thing I could look at to see if it was reconfiguring.  After a few weeks of this being very low on our wait event alert, it eventually went away.

Wait Event GV$ Slave Acquisition High With CURSOR_SHARING To FORCE - Note ID 1589592.1

This article was referring to the parameter (in gv$parameter) cursor_sharing being set to FORCE, which we did not have it set to, and leading to a buffer value needing to be changed.  There was no changing the value before it went away, and we even had the value higher than the recommendation!

Since it went away, and we could not narrow down what was going on, I am sure I will see it again in the future and when I nail this one down there will be an update here.  :}

Monday, August 25, 2014

Free Webinar: R12 and Change Management from OAUG

Have you ever wondered about the OAUG group that I have had the wonderful chance to present for?  Wonder no more, as Wednesday you can enjoy a free presentation and get a glimpse of what the organization is all about by attending the webinar "Change is Good, Except Right Before an R12 Go-Live: Change Control and Release Management is the Key".  Not only is this a great topic, and a window into what one can see at regular conferences from the OAUG, but it is a "Best of COLLABORATE 14" so out of hundreds given this year at COLLABORATE this is one in the top percentile.  Have you already released R12?  Well, could you stand to learn something about the subject at hand anyways?  I know I could, so I'm planning on attending!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Learning: Oracle BI Publisher - Information Center

Do you use BI or XML Publisher?  Learn more about the technologies by visiting the Product Information Center on My Oracle Support in document "Oracle BI Publisher (BIP) Product Information Center (PIC)" via note ID 1338762.1 to be introduced to many different articles on the subject.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend Learning: Solaris 20 years old

Of course those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, but it may be interesting to know that Solaris celebrated 20 years of existence in 2012 and this site was created to tell the story and share some videos about it as well.  What is the big draw here?  The site also looks into the future by sharing a roadmap for the next few years, including when Solaris 12 might be released.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Learning: New and changed features for Procurement in R12.1.3 and beyond

Do you know how the Procurement module has changed in the latest R12 EBS releases?  Well look no further than this note from My Oracle Support "Procurement R12.1.3+ New and Changed Features" via ID 1607297.1!  Favorite this article since that + sign means the article will keep being updated with new features with new releases and RUPs too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Datapump LOB export/import not in parallel

Are you getting ready to do an upgrade of your OS/DB/app platforms?  Were you planning on using Datapump to get it done?  Did you know that the export and import of LOBs cannot execute in parallel?  My Oracle Support document "DataPump Export/Import Of LOBs Are Not Executed in Parallel" in note ID 1467662.1 not only informs us of that fact but introduces us to an overview article of Oracle Large Objects for BasicFiles and SecureFiles too.  Take a few minutes to read both MOS articles!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog roll update: ASM Support Guy

It has been quite a while since I had a blog roll update, but there are several new blogs that I have squirreled away for later and I hope to catch up with them over the next few months and share the really great ones with you!  Even though Bane Radulovic might not have a huge volume of posts over the last year or two, his ASM Support Guy blog has a LOT of information about ASM (duh) but also quite a bit of information about ASM in relation to the Exadata platform.  How much do you know about ASM, or ASM with Exadata?  Could you always learn more?  I know I can, so I am going to add this to my blog roll and apply some things learned from Bane and give you an update on what I have learned in future blog posts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

R12.1.3: Invoice adjustments blocked for inaccurate accounting

Sometimes when searching for one thing, you find another, and the article "Invoice Adjustments Ends in Error - This Action Has Been Blocked To Avoid Inaccurate Accounting Entries" via document ID 1626521.1 is no different.  I am lucky that we haven't had any reports of the error "This action has been blocked to avoid inaccurate accounting entries" being encountered yet, but I am going to be checking the version of ARALLOCB.pls that we have in our system to make sure that we will not be getting it in the future.  Will you be checking as well, or will you encounter the issue when you can least afford it?

Monday, August 18, 2014

GL: FRM-40654 when reversing journal

When our GL team was trying to close out the month, they were receiving the error "FRM-40654: Record has been updated. Requery block to see change." when trying to reverse a journal entry.  After looking at everything we could regarding locks, and other people being in the record or the form, I finally researched on My Oracle Support to find the document "GLXJEENT: Journal Reversal gives Error FRM-40654: Record has been updated. Requery block to see change" via note 1135903.1 which helped me solve the problem.

There is an enhancement bug and it seems that even though it is marked as fixed in we still encountered it on R12.1.3 so we need to find out what patch to apply to prevent this in the future!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Learning: Oracle EBS on VMs

Did you know that you can download versions of Oracle's EBS application for installation on a Virtual Machine (VM)?  Per Steven Chan, it is true!  Are you thinking about lowering TCO or making operating your environment easier from some standpoint like server management?  Look into the Oracle VM application and see if maybe this is an option you can implement!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Learning: Troubleshooting memory leaks for UNIX (Siebel)

Recently I ran across the My Oracle Support article "How To Troubleshoot Memory Leaks on UNIX" in note ID 477522.1 but I was a bit disappointed to find it relating to Siebel application/architecture because I do not know anything about this nor am I aware of us running this software at work.  Why did I still post it then?  Well, this might not be specifically apples to apples for everybody (and if you support Siebel, bonus!) yet I think there are a few general ideas that can be extended for other applications so it is certainly worth a quick review.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Learning: ALL_ARGUMENTS table

Of course having joined Steven Feuerstein's webinar about creating readable PL/SQL code I knew that I was going to be learning something, but I did not think it would be something that was probably very simple and well known to many people yet I have never had to use it before!  Have you ever had to query the ALL_ARGUMENTS table before?  From the name, I bet you can guess what the contents are but have you used it before?  This was my introduction to it!  Maybe I could have learned about it when I posted a link to the Oracle Data Dictionary, but again this was a first for me so I'm excited to see how to use it in the future.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

R12.1.3: Fixed Assets form tab disappearing

While researching an issue with the FA_BOOK_CONTROLS table, I found a known bug that is two years old for Fixed Assets and does not look to be getting fixed any time soon.  If you look at document "Ledger Tab Is Disappearing In Book Controls Form" in My Oracle Support in article ID 1480497.1 you will find a simple issue where arrowing down through your search results makes the Ledger tab vanish if you start arrowing up to go back into your search results.

This is important not only for the bug, but for the thinking behind how to find a bug like this if you ever have to do any testing in the EBS suite as something that appears so static, like a tab on a form, can disappear in the blink of an eye with the correct sequence of events!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EBS R12.2.4 Release Notes

Continuing the barrage of EBS R12.2.4 articles, have you had a chance to review the patch notes yet?  If not, they are available from the R12.2 Information Center I linked to yesterday or if you want a direct link go to the MOS article "Oracle E-Business Suite Product Specific Release Notes, Release 12.2.4" via note ID 1903217.1 and favorite it so you can get to all the great documents that are linked there!  Remember, these documents are going to be fluid as more and more information is learned from having the application released.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

EBS R12.2 Information Center

I have shared Information Centers before here on the blog, but coming from yesterday's announcement about R12.2.4 being released I have found a new one to share with you!  Are you on R12.1?  Have you yet to upgrade to any R12 platform?  Regardless of where you are in your upgrade cycles, you need to favorite "Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Information Center" on the My Oracle Support portal via document ID 1581299.1 so you can read up on every aspect of the R12.2 platform to prepare yourself for today and beyond by keeping tabs on this page.