Friday, January 30, 2015

R12.1.3 Payables: Format Payment Instructions performance issue

Have you had any issues with the Format Payment Instructions report taking too long to run and maybe even erroring out after running too long?  If so, you probably want to check out MOS note "Performance Issue With "Format Payment Instructions"" from article ID 1966352.1 in order to find out what patch you need to apply so this issue can be avoided.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Twitter - 1/29/15

After forgetting about Thursday Twitter last week, this week is the grand return and next week I plan on expanding to covering a lot more tweets for you!

Announcements: - Learn how to get in touch with 500 Oracle ACEs!  The other page that is displayed by default has great profile snapshots on several Oracle ACEs too! - Check out the 10 point plan Oracle has to dominate the Cloud, via Mark Hurd.

Training/Free Stuff: - Get the latest free Oracle Learning Stream by Steven Feuerstein on using packages to build APIs.

General News/Information: - Look at the face lift that Oracle SQL Developer's performance viewer has with release 4.1! - Check out these tips to monitor your Linux system! - Find out how to stay current with R12.2 courtesy of the Oracle ATG team!

Conference News: - Find out who is coming to the COLLABORATE conference this year! - Just THREE weeks until the RMOUG Training Days conference!

Social Media/DevOps: - Kyle Hailey shares 5 tips to boost your career with social media. - Find out who at Oracle is on social media!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Instance termination by LMON during node eviction

From the "I wonder if this is from our SR" pages, I have seen firsthand the bug detailed in MOS article "While Evicting One of the Instance, the Remaining instances Terminated by LMON with "LMON is running too slowly and in the middle of reconfiguration"" via note ID 1949505.1 where one instance in a RAC cluster takes the other nodes in the cluster down as well.  Not only is there a bug patch to resolve this, or that it is fixed in 12.2, but there is a database parameter which can help resolve the issue too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have you ever used the Generic Data Fixes provided by My Oracle Support?  Tonight I introduce the article "R12: Generic Data Fix (GDF) patch - Mismatch in Values Between PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL and PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_ALL related to Invoice Matching" from document ID 1322280.1 so you can learn what it does, what bug it is in relation to, why it is needed, and also more importantly when to use it.  You can even run a Diagnostic with an included note to find out if you are suffering from this data corruption!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Why did I get an ORA-08103: object no longer exists error message?

It just so happens that I was waiting for an Oracle Alert to come out, but the request had errored and I was presented with "ORA-08103: object no longer exists" which did not make a whole lot of sense.  I started thinking back to what could have caused this, and I realized that this Alert was looking to query from objects in our BPEL environment but at the time it was supposed to query from the AQ (Advanced Queue) we bounced the BPEL consumer.  This does not seem correct as BPEL is supposed to be a passthrough, and the AQ should be on another non-BPEL system, so I do not understand why the Alert needed the BPEL consumer to be up for it to be able to query the non-BPEL AQ.  Another mystery!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Learning: Deploying OEM 12c plugins

Do you want to learn a bit more outside of the Support realm?  Visit My Oracle Support document "EM 12c: How to Deploy the Latest Database Plugin to the OMS / Agent ?" via article ID 1388143.1 to pick up something new tonight with this article that goes step by step with a good number of screenshots to help reinforce the instructions!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend Learning: Basics of Infiniband Networking and ODI Supportability

Opening up the MOS document "ODI And Support The Use Of Infiniband Networking" by way of article ID 1962254.1 I thought there may be some deep revelations about ODI but instead it had a lot of the basics of how Infiniband works!  Check out this article to see why Infiniband may or may not mean anything if you put it in an ODI architecture.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Learning: AR AutoInvoice - Information Center

Continuing the trend of picking up Information Centers on My Oracle Support with details specific to certain EBS modules, you should check out article "Information Center: Overview of AutoInvoice in Oracle Receivables (AR) 11.5 and later" via note ID 1137414.2 which has value even if you are already on R12!  Learn more about AR and the AutoInvoice (RAXTRX) program today!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exadata X5 has been announced!

Did you miss Larry Ellison's announcement yesterday?  You did?  Well here you can read the press release and do not miss the video either!  Check out all the product data sheets on the page and prepare to be amazed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

R12.1.3: Requisition Import slows down due to number of records processed

If you check out MOS article "Requisition Import(REQIMPORT) Process Slow performance issue" via note ID 1631101.1 you will find an interesting situation where this report will slow down if it has to process more than 3000 records!  It even is choking on a relatively simple UPDATE statement too!!  Not only am I going to see if we are suffering from this issue, but think about a way to get a handle on how well reports perform according to the volume of data it needs to process.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Year of posting!

Just a year ago on January 20th I had missed posting on the blog after a very long streak of consecutive days, and at that time I set a goal for myself: post once a day for 365 days straight.  Tonight, I celebrate that 365th post!  At that time I had around 10,000 pageviews and today a year later I have over 42,000 total pageviews!!

Thanks for spending your time reading all of the stuff I have been putting out, and here is to another year ahead of us!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Learning more about your Oracle installation via IaaS cloud

In this series of articles from the Oracle Systems Blog Austria I think that one can get a better sense of all the parts and pieces involved in making sure your system is up and running 100%.  Sure you could also read these articles to learn more about going to an Infrastructure as a Service with various Oracle services or products, but reading more about servers, storage, OS or virtualization will just broaden perspectives, that we may not have today, for the future.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Learning: Exadata Database Machine - Information Center

With as much as I have talked about Exadata on the blog over the last few years, it is surprising that I have just found MOS article "Information Center: Oracle Exadata Database Machine" from document ID 1306791.2!  Have you already added this in your MOS bookmarks?  If not, you should!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend Learning: Database Security Products - Information Center

In this day and age of cyberattacks or security leaks you need to bookmark My Oracle Support note 1548952.2 for the document "Information Center: Overview of Database Security Products" to keep up with the latest in Oracle security features, products, whitepapers, and new exploit information.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend Learning: OEM for MySQL

Were you aware that you can leverage your current Oracle Enterprise Manager application to not only monitor Oracle DB products, but now MySQL DB products as well?  I had no idea either!  Are you in a "mixed" shop with both of these technologies?  Well now it looks like you have an option to consolidate the monitoring of them in just one place!