Monday, May 9, 2016

State of the Blog!

Hi everybody!  After a not so short break I am going to work towards getting back in the groove of posting on a more regular basis, starting with another State of the Union-type post to review where I am today compared to the previous post around 2 1/2 years ago and what I want to be doing with the blog in general!

A few years ago I was excited by hitting 5,500 total views and now I am 90,000 views past that and almost at 100,000 in total!  That boggles my mind and amazing that I have put up another 700 posts to be getting close to 1,000 total posts and that is something I never thought I would be saying when starting the blog.  The stats of the views and posts here just highlight what I have been doing, but do not focus on the future and that is what I need to refocus on going forward!

The mission of the blog going forward is to deliver knowledge for Oracle e-Business Suite applications on a regular basis for SysAdmins in the Application Support and Operations space.  It seems like a simple mission statement, but now I need to go a step further and outline for myself what that means and how I can deliver on it.  Those are the types of things I have been noodling on for the past few weeks, but I have realized that I cannot stop posting while I try to align the future of the blog, so be on the lookout for changes over the next few months!!

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