Friday, April 15, 2016


OAUG Database SIG Meeting - Various

Bylaws came up and were ratified and then the other 45 minutes were talking about issues like licensing around In-Memory and an idea to have Oracle give out free passes for the option to see if it works for customers.
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Perl - A DBA and Developers Best Friend - Arjen Visser - founder of

Awk didn't have what he wanted so he created his own programming language! - Perl app store
Interpreted - not compiled, get under the hood!
Cryptic, hard to master (true for most languages), doesn't have parameters (can get around this), doesn't look pretty GUI!
Use it for shell programming, probably not a new FB app.
Perl motto: there's more than one way to do it
Ten slides in 20 minutes to teach us the basics of Perl, and I think he did it!  I really got a lot out of this session and look to take it back with me to work as a new tool in my toolbox!
CPAN module File::Spec makes perl portable
Programming Perl by Larry Wall is the book Arjen used to learn and is highly recommended as Mr. Wall invented Perl!! - Base code for our homework! is the resource you need to know!

Near Zero Downtime Upgrades - Thomas Meeks @Oracle

I LEFT!!!  Why?  Because the session details indicated that this was going to focus on GoldenGate technology but the title slide said it was focused on backup strategy for JD Edwards which we do not have!

IoT Use Cases for Oracle E Business Suite - Samir Rathore w/Hitachi

Industry 4.0 - connecting physical to digital!
IoT is the transformational interconnection of devices and sensors.
Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT but the impact of IIoT is far more than CIoT.
Major obstacle of IoT is the amount of data involved!
IoT- IT disconnect - there were some slides from Oracle on this which seemed odd but were pretty useful to help get the point across!
What is happening in the middle?  Contextualization, filtering, action -comes from business analyst.
Use cases - operation management improvements, asset and material tracking, equipment condition based Preventative maintenance, real time asset health monitoring, procurement automation - these were pretty clear and had good examples!
Smart Logistics & Asset Management Solution from Oracle and Hitachi
EBS is in the Cloud!  This seemed to surprise him, but I am not that surprised and I do not know why as I assumed it was already there!

Formula One Performance on Exadata - Gold Standards & Best Practices, Tips & Tricks - @JimTheWhyGuy & @ExaOracleTariq

Oracle Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook - an upcoming book that I think I will be ordering! - go sign up if you are interested!
Performance tuning approaches - TOP DOWN vs. BOTTOM UP, evaluate approach, most cases a hybrid approach works best!
Tune the waits!  The three As of tuning AWR, ASH, ADDM!
Use both moving and static baselines.
Keep copies of key files.
Track changes - Resource Manager/IORM can make or break your system!
TFA - what's that?  Packages up info to Oracle and supersedes ExaWatcher/RACchk
Use small page cache
1070954.1 exachk can be run via daemon!
Use Real Application Testing to destruction - find out how much your system can take!
Tablespaces should be auto allocated
Power, partitioning, parallelization - The three Ps of Oracle performance!
Use VARCHAR2 instead of CHAR.
LONG datatype is NOT supported by HCC!
Keep optimizer statistics fresh!
cell single block physical reads - this wait event is similar to db file sequential reads on non-Exadata systems.
Set PARALLEL on tables to force Smart Scans for large tables!
Global Hash Partitioned Indexes - need to look into this!
Storage indexes - on storage cells!
There is a v$ table for what is offloadable so need to find it!
Make indexes invisible to see how performance changes before removing - great story!
Can usually get rid of 30-40% of indexes in Exadata but not blindly.
INTERdatabase RM - Instance Caging, IORM, DBRM
INTRA - IORM, DBRM, Quality of Service, Parallel, Statement Quering

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