Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Collaborate 14: A Bench Player (and encouraged)

Well it looks like I can't replicate sharing good news about being accepted to OAUG's Collaborate 14 this year.  At least, not yet that is.  You see, I had one presentation declined outright and the other was marked as alternative so it looks like I'm on the bench ready to get called up.  That really is good news as far as I'm concerned!  It means that my abstract was strong enough to be considered with the first round of presenters, but just didn't fit in this year.  So far.  That doesn't mean I won't suggest that you (or your company) join the OAUG or at least go to the Collaborate event as a non-member.  You really should join and go, because it is absolutely worth the investment in yourself, your employees, and your company.

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