Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thursday Twitter (on Saturday) - 11/2/13

Since I'm posting this a few days late, I'm going to give you a LOT of links (especially around free presentations and webinars): - Yury gives us a list of Oracle Aces, and then: - The Oracle Ace program announces their newest crop of inductees!  Jealous!

This is our presentation/webinar part of the post: - Uwe shares a presentation by Jonathan Lewis and Maria Colgan. - Kellyn shares the RMOUG FB group for Training Days this year. - OAUG members can get some webinars too! - Kerry Osborne has a 12c webinar coming up! - Karen Morton is hosting a webinar also on being an Oracle pro!  I signed up for this one a few minutes after it hit my inbox.  :} - ArchBeat shares with us some Oracle ADF development session info about another Virtual Developer Day. - GoldenGate advanced webinar free from Oracle University. - Tanel with another performance post, this time showcasing some latch troubleshooting. - Cary shares a mind blowing stat about Amazon code moves! - Gathering stats for EBS from the ATG group!  Gold star blog post if there ever was one!

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