Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday Twitter (on Friday) - 11/08/13

Due to some very sketchy wireless on vacation (BlizzCon if you were wondering) I've missed a few days of posting but while I'm in line this morning I wanted to at least share out some of the tweets I've favorited this week! - The first part of Tanel Poder's troubleshooting articles, focusing on beyond the wait events. - I didn't know anything about this new 12.2 feature Flexfield Value Set Security. - Have Exadata, going to it, or interested in it?  E4 is the place for you! - Google helps do SQL injection attacks! - Oak Table shares a piece by Kyle Hailey on the price of data. - Oracle Support was well represented by Chris Warticki at the EastCoastOracle (ECO) conference. - Think you know your stuff?  Try this sample exam question for Linux! - Iggy Fernandez shares the NoCOUG journal for this month. - New release of 12c to support DBaaS! - Some tips for your online blogging/tweeting success via THAT Jeff Smith.

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