Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 5/29/14

After deciding not to do a Twitter post last week, I'm trying a new tactic by giving you a 24 hour snapshot of posts that I enjoyed or found interesting!

Announcements: - Oracle buys ZFS technology team GreenBytes! - Flattery?  A few days ago I posted about customizing OAF pages, and today the official Oracle EBS account posts the exact same MOS article! - A chance to join Larry Ellison live on June 10th for an introduction of 12c In-Memory Options.

Training/Free Stuff: - Sign up for a free webinar on DB locking!

General News/Information: - Kellyn gives us an article from Harvard Business Review about data analysis for those that do not like math. - Are you using these Analyzer tools from Oracle to enhance your EBS application? - Xavier shares a post from Lucas Jellema on creating charts from SQL! - We get a list of Linux performance monitoring tools from this post by Kellyn, and I'm looking forward to using some of these! - Bob Doyle shares advice from the CEO of Delphix to CIOs that just care about keeping the lights on. - Uwe shares something from Richard Foote about estimating index sizes via explain plans. - IOUG shares a post from Leighton Nelson about DBs and storage, and it even links to the first part of the series too; so you get 2 articles for one mouse click here!  :} - Xavier asks if DNS is our Achilles heel in a MySQL installation, and I would turn the question back into what could be an Achilles heel in ANY kind of installation?  Food for thought. - Steven Feuerstein's list of recommended resources for people getting into PL/SQL.  I think this post will be favorited so I can come back to it time and time again! - Uwe points out Jonathan Lewis' list of articles on execution plans, which I'm looking forward to taking time to read this weekend! - Oracle Fixed Assets RPC.  'Nuff said! - Oracle MAA: When one size (solution) doesn't fit all. - Franck Pachot on Exadata not handling FIRST_ROWS well. - Kyle Hailey from Delphix on the 5 DB issues that are costing you time and money. - I need to get that shirt! - Kellyn has a great post on unknown targets in EM12c. - What is the role of SOA Suite in the integration space? - Like a detective story?  Follow this one as Kellyn troubleshoots/investigates some issues in 11g regarding stats, bind peeking and histograms.

Conference News: - Allan promises that Oracle sessions from EMC World are available, but I'm just not seeing them right now.  Am I missing something? - A great picture of Jim Czuprynski teaching a room full of people in Riyadh attending the OTN MENA Tour! - Jonathan Lewis will be attending the CBO Days 2014 from Trivadis in a few weeks! - Did you know that 55 Oracle ACEs will be speaking at the KScope conference this year?  Amazing!

Social Media/DevOps: - Filing Allan's post under this heading as it has a strong social media concept in keeping on top of emerging technologies. - Graham Hussey has launched a blog!

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