Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Twitter: The Return!

It has been a while since I've shared Twitter posts, but it's past time for it to return!  I'm going to start off slow with just a part of what I've favorited this week.

Announcements: - Congratulate the newest Oracle ACE and ACE Associates!

Training/Free Stuff: - Get a free chapter comparing SQL and NoSQL.

General News/Information: - Nacho shares a MOS article about ASM and Exadata. - Group your MOS identifiers! - Learn about DBMS_SQLDIAG.DUMP_TRACE which is not documented yet in 12c! - Love this quote from John Wooden! - Do you use ORACHK?

Conference News: - If you are a member of OAUG, the slides from Collaborate are now available! - Join the Central States OAUG group! - I couldn't agree more with Martin! - Oracle wait event documentation shared by Kyle Hailey!

Social Media/DevOps:

N/A - Nothing this week.

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