Monday, April 3, 2017


Keynote Session - Jenn Lim -

There was SO much good stuff here that it was hard to capture, so I recommend that you check it out for yourself BUT there were six keys that I thought were important to capture: commitment, revisit your core values, commit to transparency, purpose, build meaningful relationships, build the right team!

Get More from Data by Giving It to Your Customers - Bryan Brewer

This was interesting as Womble is a pipe coating company that doesn't own their inventory!
Internal challenge to find a dashboard with the following features: real time, integrated, secure, Internet enabled, summary and detail reporting, easy to install design/develop, and train/support.
External challenge to provide the customers the same thing!
What they did is come up with a combined checklist!
Looked at BI Publisher, OBIEE, OBIFS, Hubble ( and finally used Hubble in their efforts.
Went from a report with over 900 lines to a dashboard with 4-5 visual reports that can be drilled down into!

JSON is not another YAML ("Yet Another Markup Language") - Coleman Leviter - @cleviter

Lightweight compared to XML.
Basic types - number, string, Boolean, null, whitespace
JSON data types are few and predefined, it has a simple structure-defining and document-combining constructs, order of the objects is insignificant, is very data centric
JSON doesn't have its own data type like XML does
JSON operators - json_exists, json_query, json_table, json_value, RETURNING

What you need to know about Oracle's password file - Michael Nelson

Password file is stored at the OS level so you can log into a down DB!
If you are on the server, be part of the ora_dba or dba group, but if you are not on the server, use the password file stored on the server!
Run select * from v$pwfile_users to see who is in the password file.
Password file is encrypted on the OS for security!
The file is usually located at $ORACLE_HOME/DBAs/orapw$ORACLE_SID
orapwd command - can be used on ASM only in 12c, only if ASM is set to 12c also
ORA-1996 indicates that the password file is full!

Oracle E-Business Suite SysAdmin SIG - @kansasdba and @michaelbrownorg

EBS 12.2.6 released on 9/2016, while 12.1 was released on 5/2009, and 12.3 is coming at some point.
EBS 12.1 supported until 2021!
My Oracle Support note ID 742060.1
-I'm now the Vice Chair!
Santiago Bastidas with Oracle gave us a presentation on EBS on Oracle Cloud.
This strategy uses both PaaS and IaaS.
Shift to the cloud is going to be assisted by automation!
DataBase Cloud Services (DBCS) is different from the offering for Exadata Cloud.
My Oracle Support note ID 1383621.1
My Oracle Support note ID 2066260.1
Lift and Shift - process of moving an existing EBS system from on prem to the Oracle Cloud.
Enhanced EBS management with EBS Cloud Admin Tool, adds SOA CS, OAM/OID instance, Mailer instance.
Roadmap - lots of things, but major takeaway is REST/SOAP enablement is being worked on in the Cloud!

McDonalds's journey to re-platform Java applications from IBM WebSphere to Oracle WebLogic Server - Chandan Bedi & Sundeep Khurana

I felt sorry for these gentlemen, as I was the only person in attendance and it was a pretty good presentation!  Since I was the only person, it was kind of hard to take notes while they were talking directly to me, but it was a good overview of their project, pitfalls they encountered, and how they got the applications from one system to the other.

What's New in PL/SQL and EBR in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 - @BrynLite

Bryn started with a ten minute pep talk about using coding correctly, which seemed a bit odd, but what the hey, right?
Edition-based Redefinition (EBR) has been around since Oracle OpenWorld 2009 in 11gR2!
Brand new code coverage tool - start coverage, run the tests, stop coverage (there didn't seem to be a lot of detail about this, so I am going to have to go searching for this).
alter session set Plsql_Warnings = 'Error:All' - This was a new one for me, since I'm not a developer, but I'm squirreling this away for later if I ever need it!
It took about ten seconds to refresh his 12.2 PDB locally, so try to be destructive and curious if you can recover from it with little to no effort!!
Pl/Scope (what is this program?)
HPROF (hierarchical performance profiler) enhancements - identifies SQL "subprograms" with the SQL_ID (again, what is this?)
Accessible by is a feature that is pretty new, but not a lot of people in the room were using it.
New pragma allows an element of any kind to be marked as depreciated.

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