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Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile and Web Services Security - Michael Miller - Integrigy Corporation - @Integrigy

While I only took a few notes, that does not reflect poorly on Michael, actually the opposite!  There was SO much information that I decided early on to go get his presentation and download it instead!  I put my name down to get invited to regular security webinars, and I suggest you go to their site and do the same!!

Great opening note that Oracle attack toolkit exists in the wild, and people download it to work against Oracle installations.
FND_IREP_CLASSES - Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) cropped up again, so I really need to look into it.
"Yesterday's interfaces are now web services."  Just awesome quote!
Httpd.conf -> url_fw.conf -> url_fw_ws.conf

Personalize and Extend Oracle E-Business Suite for Desktops and Mobile Devices - Maher Muhanna and Vijay Shanmugam from Oracle

6 levels of OA Framework personalizations
New components can be added at the Site level like buttons.
Ability to undo personalizations from the Manage Levels page - as result of feedback
Copy Personalization, again something new that was designed as part of user feedback.
R12.2.4 a new simplified home page, more tablet like.
Personalized Announcements looks like a widget on the home page that can deliver specific messages you want to your customer base.
User level global header can be selected between icons only or classic links only, and the same for Alta UI options in 12.2.5+ too.
Save search as a view as user personalization, sounds like a great feature.
12.2.3 allows column reordering on webpages, and can hide columns too - Settings menu allows you to do this too
Column Freeze indicator like Excel's grid freeze
Admins have more powers to disable freezing or hiding columns on pages
Plan for a smoother upgrade by making sure your OAF points to synonyms not the tables themselves!!
1531121.1 Online Patch readiness
Oracle Alta UI is the only supported skin in 12.2.5
Simplified Global Header
HTML 5 Standards Uptake
12.2.3 takes on ATG 12.2.4/12.2.5
Working on:
- a WYSIWYG admin personalization workbench
- theme editor form Alta UI
- column freeze for HGrid
- page as favorite part of every favoritable page

Mobile list 1641772.1 / search "Oracle EBS America" - same app connects to 12.1 and 12.2
Need to apply patches on 12.1 to start using it.
Can use VPN to connect apps
Smartphone apps can use existing authentication
No SSO between apps because apps are installed in one offs, no shared browser cookies
Choice between App Store and enterprise distribution (seems like a killer choice to enable uptake by management) - allows you to not upgrade the app, and have to patch EBS as a result
cacerts file cannot be updated after app is installed from store - I might ask for some clarification about this one, as this could be a deal-breaker as we have other certs in this file that might be on different schedules than the mobile suite is.
Working on:
- adding certificates dynamically after installation
- reassign in Approval (seems like a blocker for us)
- AirWatch and MobileIron 3rd party apps
- push notifications

Oracle WebLogic Server Administration and Management with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 - Kevin Hudson and Elke Phelps

This is a brand new session based on OAUG ATG feedback, which is pretty awesome!
To WLS, EBS is a handful of web applications, deployed to Clusters of Managed Severs, supervised by AdminServer.
oacore_server, forms_server, oafm_server are just different nodes that need to run, forms-4ws_server comes disabled but do not delete it, it will be deleted with a later patch!
Online Patching is used to apply ALL patches in 12.2!!
1583902.1 Online Patching FAQ
Identical FMW_HOMEs in FS1 and FS2
3 Oracle homes in here, FMW Common, Webtier & Utilities, WLS home
Synchronizations to one FS goes to the other FS
Recommendation for ports to be incremented by 10 example: FS1 :0 and FS2 :10
Not supported to have direct connection to PATCH FS
Multiple ports with administration - think about having a VIP pointing to both locations?  Need to ask more about this, but I think it would work.
100-150 concurrent users per JVM
Add WLS managed server gets added in RUN, then prepare PATCH creates it for you
Adding nodes 1383621.1 / 1375769.1
pairfile - important new file, need to understand it
dualfs=yes after ATG.D7

Downtime for changing WLS admin password, since you have to stop application tier services
New things in changing APPS password, and does require downtime too - AFPASSWD recommended
EBS Technology Code level Checker (ETCC) 17537119.1
Process to patch the 3 homes is essentially the same - key step is adop phase=fs_clone 1355068.1
ss -l -p -n | grep <AdminServer PID> - Need to try this in our environment to see what port the server is running on!!
1940996.1 DS connection pool diagnostics
1428056.1 Oracle Fusion Middleware diag
2230225.1 WLS utility - MOS
1984710.1 Summary of EBS login

I had a really great time at COLLABORATE yet again, and I am already looking forward to next year!  Hope you join me!!

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