Sunday, April 2, 2017


Testing Oracle E-Business Suite Best Practices - Mazen Arar - 12:30 PM

"Change is constant" was on his first slide, and this is SO true these days for many of us!
Testing readiness means challenging facts.
A great insight that Mazen had was that QA needs to be proactive, as early as possible, even to listen.
Have the hardware on hand, including different versions of it.
Where/how do we start?  Plan, Execute, Automate
Planning - what is the task on hand, what documentation is at hand?  RCD (Release Content Document), FIAD (Functional Impact Assessment Document)
Scope - key business flows, impacted flows, usage patterns
Mark test flows with priority - basic, sanity check, detailed
Follow a testing methodology based on task - theme based, exploratory, role based, end to end flow based
Make sure to have well defined entry and exit criteria
Cloud testing - Shorter Release Cycle (automation), Rapid Addition of features, security, integration, multi tenancy
IoT testing - Complex Architecture, Complex data, security, validation, performance and scalability
Good practice - be creative/innovative, review results, learn from them, plan next cycle with a new flavor, improve scoping
Automation!  Who can do it?  Anyone.  What do you automate?  Critical and repeatable flaws.  When should we?  Now!  Allows more innovation out of employees
There are several different applications for this in Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS), Oracle Load Testing Suite, and Oracle Test Manager.
Oracle QA reduced their automation time by 60%!
Flow Builder application allows you to generate test scripts.
API and WebServices support in Advance Pack
Due to their own use of these applications, EBS patching won't break OATS.
If you are around at the conference, stop by Demo Booth 14 to see this in action!

Real- time Data Integration in Oracle E-Business Suite using Integrated Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Gateway by Faraz Khalik with @DeloitteOracle - 1:45 PM

This was supposed to be a case study about transitioning to SOA, which was technically what was provided, but really what Faraz talked about was the solution/process that was put in place, not much technical information.  This was kind of frustrating, but I'll check out the addendum in the whitepaper/presentation to see if there is any kind of technical information included.

Geo Land setup! - 3:00 PM

The coordinators of the Geo's had a blast getting everything set up for the OAUG members!

OAUG Geo Land! - 4:00 PM

This was even more fun than the setup hour was!  The Arizona/New Mexico Geo had a cactus themed ring toss game, and a LOT of the OAUG members had a blast!!

OAUG Meeting of the Members - 5:30 PM

There were some awesome awards given out, and even had a sneak peek of an Oracle and OAUG survey which is going to be made public in a few days!

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