Thursday, August 7, 2014

Database Week: ASM notes

Today in Database Week I want to shine a light on these My Oracle Support articles regarding Automatic Storage Management (ASM) because they may help you learn something/more about it!  While I learned that parameters for Exadata mean something on a non-Exadata installation, my real take away was about the crashing ASM diskgroup as we just had something like this happen a few weeks ago so I need to try and correlate this just in case we need to apply the patches indicated.  If you are still in a learning mode, you can refresh yourself on the other ASM articles I've published before!

Warning Message:'Cluster target should exist in Enterprise Manager before adding the Cluster ASM target' is generated when Promoting Cluster ASM Target from auto-discovery Results - Note ID 1911635.1
Normal Redundancy :: Storage split caused crash of ASM diskgroup - Note ID 1623400.1
High 'ksv master wait' And 'ASM File Metadata Operation' Waits In Non-Exadata 11g - Note ID 1308282.1

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