Monday, August 4, 2014

Database Week: Data Corruption

This week, I'll highlight a bunch of database related My Oracle Support articles which all have a different slant to them.  If there is one thing that all Support individuals live in fear of, it is corrupted data in the system!  Why?  Because it will show up without any warning and cause problems that probably are not straightforward at all to fix.  Here are some notes to visit and see if you are affected plus maybe get some idea how to be proactive to identify some possible ways to alert about the keywords thrown in the log when data is corrupted!

ALERT: Bug 13605839 ORA-600 [ktbsdp1] ORA-600 [kghfrempty:ds] ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError]. Corruption in Rollback with Clusterwide Global Transactions in RAC - Note ID 1527740.1

ALERT: Bug 8198906 - Segment header corruption if extent allocation operation is interrupted - Note ID 1229669.1

For Oracle Solaris Cluster, Silent Data Corruption may Occur When Using Buffered Sequential I/O on the Cluster File System - Note ID 1672874.1

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