Thursday, September 18, 2014

Concurrent Manager: Killed/Giving Up

Troubleshooting a situation with our Concurrent Manager on I ran into a problem I have never seen before.  Running similar to researching an issue like a previous post, I was trying to find out why the OS thread for the Internal Manager was taking CPU cycles and when I looked in the Administer Concurrent Manager form I can see that the Internal Manager had been up for months.  First thing I try is to Verify it, but that and every other step I was taking would end up just Pending so I started digging for why we needed the CM to be bounced.

In the Internal Manager log I could see the following entry:

Process monitor session ended  : <date>

Process monitor session started : <date>

(the above were repeated hundreds of times)

The SID_processID@SID internal concurrent manager has terminated with status 137 - giving up.

What is interesting, is that the <date> above was many months prior to when I tried to give the Internal Manager the Verify command.  What does this mean?  Well we have another opportunity to proactively monitor our log files for this known issue!

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