Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Troubleshooting Automatic Remittances

Related to an old post of mine on batches where I ran into problems due to automatic batch numbering, I found another My Oracle Support article that needs bookmarking in "Automatic Remittances: Troubleshooting, Errors, Known Issues and Patches" via document ID 1369785.1.  This article will give you a lot more than just troubleshooting on Automatic Remittances for versions of the EBS application including 11.5.10 and after including patches, errors and other known issues.  Why favorite this?  Well it has been updated within the last month so it is absolutely relevant as new information keeps being released by Oracle and it is possible new patches are deployed and you can find out about it here first.

EDIT 9/11:  I realized this morning that I forgot to link to my previous post!  Oops!  Fixed now though.  :}

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