Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thoughts: Larry Ellison "steps down"

By now everybody has heard about Larry Ellison stepping down from his role as CEO into dual roles as the Executive Chairman and CTO yet what everybody is focusing on is his move from the CEO role.  I think what is more important to focus on are three things: Larry has put the well being of his company first before the ego he is known for by allowing this change to keep his management team together, the direction and ideas the new CEOs are going to bring to running Oracle, and the interesting fact that Oracle did not have a CTO at this time.

I have seen some posts or tweets the past week where people are acting like Larry has died, or Oracle is going under immediately, but I think people are blowing things out of proportion because it sounds like Larry has been the de facto CTO while he was the CEO so this will allow him to concentrate on what he has been excelling at while the CEOs can do the same in their focus areas too.

What do you think?

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