Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deep Thoughts: Digital Disruption

Recently I read a great article titled "Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Digitally Speaking" and it left me thinking about how I could see digital disruptions not only from/for external customers but our internal customers at work as well.  How often do you think about changes at work, or changes in technology, and want to embrace something that will make your life easier or provide a better service in some way?  Of course this is directed towards executives or masters of digital domains, but we can adapt some of these lessons at a lower level to think differently in our current roles.

Make sure you click through to Accenture's PDF that is also chuck full of information about what the different terms are, percentage of companies that are embracing this in varied ways, and questions that you need to ask yourself about how much of a digital disruptor you believe yourself to be.  The article from the Altimeter Group isn't too shabby either!

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