Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hyperion, SmartView, Excel & HsAddin

Ever have users report the following error message in Excel while using SmartView?

Run-time error '53':

File not found: HsAddin

Me neither!  Luckily, I went to the trusty My Oracle Support portal and found several notes which looked to be of assistance:

Connecting to Essbase Through Smart View in Excel 2007 Crashes Excel- Note ID 824533.1
SmartView Shows as Custom Toolbar Instead of Hyperion Menu - Note ID 814257.1
Smart View Error "Run-Time Error ''53'': File not Found: HsAddin" when You Click the SmartView Toolbar - Note ID 875795.1

We followed the directions in the last note, but even though we did not see SmartView in the list of disabled items, HsAddin.dll was there in the list and after being Enabled the end user was able to refresh SmartView again without issue!

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