Saturday, March 29, 2014

R12 Payables: Invoice Workbench error APP-SQLAP-10108 when committing

Some days, the articles I share have a very specific focus but today this feels like a much larger lesson on several fronts.  The MOS article "Invoice Workbench/Distributions - APP-SQLAP-10108: An Error has occurred while trying to commit" in 1570047.1 is very straightforward for how to replicate the issue and that the cause is non-printing characters but it goes to make me wonder why this was not included in a testing suite by Oracle.  Even more curious, is the reaction that "this just should not be done, so stop doing it" instead of Oracle development working to make sure the form will not accept these types of characters.  I wonder what other forms have this ticking time bomb lurking in them, and how many times it has to be reported until it gets resolved in an eventual release.

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