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OAUG E-Business Applications Technology Stack SIG Meeting - Various +
Kevin Hudson, Elke Phelps and Steven Chan were part of the panel from Oracle! - Here is the website for the SIG and it should have the presentation uploaded!
WebLogic is made up of the following components: Node Manager, Domain, Administration Server, Managed Server, Deployments
New structure to find the log files that you need to know!
Change of the Node Manager and Admin passwords - done during install of R12.2, console (not recommended).
After using FNDCPASS/AFPASSWD you need to change password in WLS Datasource, or
Elke Phelps said that AFPASSWD is recommended and the utilities use different encryption algorithms.
Be familiar with the AD scripts for managing WebLogic!
AppsDBA needs to know WebLogic pwd, could be an issue for SOX compliance.
Oracle working to make AutoConfig, other things, easier to manage for DBAs!
Read the Concepts Guide, and ALL the other Guides too - DO NOT SKIM THEM!!
100s of SRs per early adopter for R12.2, many bad SRs were put in by experienced DBAs that didn't read the new Guides and assumed they knew how to do it because they have been doing it for 20 years!
Does the R12.2.4 apps password change use FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD?  The panel did not know, but Elke will give us the information so stay tuned!
Soon to be Java 1.9, but that could be next year kind of soon.
Security, stability, performance in _0 Java releases, major releases give new features.
New tech in the labs to replace JRE because of Chrome, Windows 10, and soon Mozilla due to the core APIs they use, so there is a "Java webstart" being tested - will be a minimum version required!
Is webstart going to be installed on the desktop like J-Init?  No!
Query the certified database, let Steven know if not in there!
Don't need to uncompress before upgrading!

OAUG Upgrade SIG Meeting - Various (and Me!)

I am now the Program Director for the SIG - Yay a promotion (I thought I was the Secretary!)
12.1.3 fees waived for Extended support until 2019, but Extended means there is no obligation from Oracle to certify new platforms.
12.2 Premier until 2021, no Extended planned!
Do I have to enable EBR for my 3rd party schema?  No, BUT it may need to be EBR aware!
There was a bit more covered here, but I'm going to make you join the LinkedIn group to get it later!  :}

Ready to Start a BLOG? - @erik_benner

Look at comment choices - His opinion is moderating comments, which is kind of opposite from what Craig said the other day.
3-400 hits a day is normal for him!
If it is a chore, you'll stop - I can attest to that!
What do I blog about?
Be positive - great, and overlooked, tip!
Do you need a domain?  Should I use a blog hosting company?
Good blogging habits: formatting, edit your screen shots, be focused - can always be multi-part, read your comments, take your time, have fun!
Editors to blog with online?  Online, built into the blog engine, offline no blogging for you!
Editors to blog with offline?  Microsoft Live Writer!  This was awesome to see in action AND he showed the connection options and it hooks into Blogger/Blogspot!
Maximizing SEO - Yoast SEO plugin for WP & Google Analytics - entry page, what people are searching for - Both of these are making me rethink my previous choices and how to maximize what I can do going forward.

Oaktable World: Performance Feature Enhancements in Enterprise Manager 13c with DB12c - @DBAKelvar - Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman

AWR/ASH architecture review
rdbms/admin/awrrpt.sql, ashrpt.sql, awrsqlrpt.sql, awrinfo.sql, awrddrpt.sql, awrgrpt.sql
Do not mess with underscore parameters!
In-Memory support, like with SQL Monitor reports, AWR
OEM can run on iPad now that it doesn't run on Flash!
Average Active Sessions - new ASH Analytics!
Top ADDR findings now in ASH.
Top TEN foreground now instead of 5, CPU should be on top…to a point…
IO profile
New sections - GoldenGate, Xstreams, Resource Stats
Wait event alert 10 min sample, then example to show slices of CPU use - great example and along the lines of my hourly wait event script!
SQL Monitor, is it done yet? Did it use parallel? What important data do we know?
Exadata shows offload percentage, In-Memory info too if on

EBS 12.2.x – Deep Dive into Online Patching Feature - @kaiglittenberg

Adop cycle - Prepare, Apply, Finalize, Cutover (users offline), Cleanup - users online during 4 phases!
EBR is one of the most important parts of R12.2!
Run Edition VIEW and Patch Edition VIEW - need to change development.
DBA_OBJECTS_AE / DBA_SOURCE_AE - all editions view with column edition_name
2 adop phase=prepare phases because 2nd one applies what was patched to the 1st file system.
Make adop work faster with workers=20, if you don't put in cm_wait=10 for cutover phase the CM will come down immediately, and don't use less than 5 because of odd behavior!
!!Adop kills all DB sessions in cutover phase!!
Adop phase=cleanup cleanup_mode=full followed by adop phase=fs_clone.
1366187.1 - all the log files
Cannot run adadmin in run fs while adop cycle is open, but can do it in patch fs!
AD/TXK delta.7 - Has a lot of good changes, even talked about in the TechStack SIG!
Can I test my code in the patch fs?  No!
Admin and transaction tasks get slower with too many editions, around 20-30 editions at least so clean it up constantly

Getting Optimal Performance From Oracle E-Business Suite - Samer Barakat with Oracle

2125596.1 - The entire presentation is listed here at this MOS note, so go there because there were quite a few note IDs that I missed because he usually gives this talk in 2 hours so he was going pretty fast!


Reduce load on the DB server - avoid blind queries, provide selective criteria in find windows/LOVs so they can use indexes!
Minimize network traffic and form open times!
Size middle tier for concurrency - JVMs and Forms both!
40 MB is average memory used by each frmweb session - interesting, did not know that!
E22950 Guide for sizing
He had something on a slide about PCP and not automatically failover based on your setup, which I need to re-read and send over to our DBAs because I think our CMs need manual intervention here too!
Manage CM jobs lifecycle, CM Managers, CM Schedules, CM State Data!
842850.1 - I shared that in my presentation!
Inode and new environment APPLLDM
Concurrent manager reports have a new parameter SHELF_LIFE to tell what purge schedule to use!!
As in the previous session 20 editions is the threshold and what is actually slowing down in the system?  HWM issues!


Only SGA benefits from Huge pages, not PGA (I think for just Exadata)
Pin top SQL if needed.
Check for cursor leaks!
Gather Application Stats!
1586374.1 - gathering stats
FND_STATS.LOAD_XCLUD_TAB - Allows you to exclude a table from being gathered and this should be useful for us because we do have a table that gets purged and then has stats gathered on it at the wrong time while empty!
Gather dictionary stats after major changes!
1472716.1 - hot files in ExaLogic
1965343.1 In-Memory Advisor
Transactional, transient, reference/seed - different types of data!
FACT: More than 80% of data is inactive!!
Purge Portal - Make sure you know about this and use it!
554539.1 - 200+ tables partitioned out of the box!

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