Sunday, April 10, 2016

My COLLABORATE16 schedule!

Are you going to OAUG's COLLABORATE16?  Awesome, me too!!  Here is my schedule of events, and I'm sure you'll be able to find me at many other times and places too.  :}


Meeting of the OAUG Members - 4:45 PM - South Seas F - Obviously this is something for all the OAUG members and I'll be there, so it might be a good chance to catch me today!


Arizona/New Mexico OAUG Kickoff Meeting - 3:15 PM - Mariners AB - I'm the Chairman of this brand new Geo, and tomorrow is our first real meeting (outside of the several phone planning meetings we've had over the past few months)!


Analyzing Oracle Workflow Data for Increased System Performance - 1:00 PM - South Seas A - This is the standard bearer, but the first time I'm bringing it to COLLABORATE!

E-Business Suite R12: Application Lessons Learned for Support and Implementers - 3:30 PM - Breakers B - A "Best of COLLABORATE" from last year makes a return, maybe with a few new surprises in store!


OAUG Upgrade SIG Meeting - 9:15 AM - Reef F - I'm a Board Member of this SIG and will be helping to moderate the panel discussion!

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