Tuesday, April 12, 2016

COLLABORATE16: Pre-Day + Day 1

After weather delays leaving Phoenix, due to thunderstorms over Las Vegas, I missed a few sessions I wanted to attend on Sunday but I luckily was able to attend fellow Upgrade SIG Art Dowd and then make the Meeting of the Members!  On Day 1 there was a lot to take in, so that has a much fuller download to share with you, but I am going to have to skim and give you the high level takeaways or MOS notes you should look up later - if you are an OAUG member look these presentations up later!  Not a member but interested in some of the things I posted?  Change that and sign up!

Upgrading to R12.2 - Lessons Learned and Tips That You Need to Know to be Successful - Art Dowd - o2works.com

Great point that there are 2 types of projects, technical and full "business-aligned", and there is an 8 piece plan to build a repeatable process for both of them.
aaplcust.txt 889733.1
At least 3 iterations of upgrade before go live.
Add 50% time to previous 11i project for R12.
12.2.2 is the Holy Grail of patching with 2 file systems - 1 run, 1 patch.
SYSTEM and SEED tablespaces double!
Going to the cloud?  Need to adopt SaaS and PaaS, and a full reimplementation.

General Session - Trends & Technologies Shaping Your Future

The big takeaway here was only about 20% of companies are going to the Cloud, and most of the rest are not due to security and cost reasons.

Linux/UNIX Tools for the Oracle DBA - Tim Gorman - @timothyjgorman

Why CLI?  GUI not supported, vendor support, automation and scripting.
Unixtools.com is a good resource.
Sar is really underneath what you see in OEM/TOAD!
Mpstat gives you information per CPU, can show a busy system for instance XTTS is single threaded no matter how parallel you make it - interesting!
Uptime and w give you uptime and user stats.
jstat shows JVM memory usage displays.
Dtrace.org is a free tool.

Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices - Zeeshan Baig - @IamZeeshanBaig

What is Cloud computing?  gMail has been SaaS for a while we just didn't realize it at the time!
Hybrid, private, public, community - different cloud deployment models!
Core concepts for Cloud, elasticity - allows you to scale up and out!
Business benefits of cloud - low up front costs, in time infrastructure, efficient resource utilization, usage based cost, reduce time to market.
Technical benefits of Cloud - automation, auto-scaling, proactive scaling, efficient development lifecycle, DR and business continuity.
Design for failure - remove single of failure, design for automatic recovery, graceful failures, consistent backup and recovery strategy, don't fix - start a new instance, avoid stateful sessions.
Decouple components!
Elasticity + parallelization = WIN

Productivity Enhancing SQL*Plus Scripting Techniques - Bert Scalzo - @bertscalzo

set linesize 512 produces a larger file than set linesize 256!
set trimout on is different when going to the screen.
Do not forget about the BREAK or the COMPUTE commands.
Dynamic scripting is the most important technique where you can have SQL producing other SQL to run!!

Oracle Database Networking Basics - Eric Siglin - @ESiglin

What is a DB?  That is where we start, and if you do not know the answer go look it up.  :}
Access challenges - must be connected, logging into the host is impractical, security challenges with DB.
What is a client?  Anything that connects to a DB, even another DB!
Two ways to register performance stats: response time and throughput.
Shutting the listener down does nothing to current connections, only new connections - important to know!
Creating and destroying database session is one of the biggest things to ask the DB to do!
docs.oracle.com - Database Net Services Administrator's Guide (Part I: Understanding Oracle Net), Database High Availability Overview

OAUG E-Business Suite SysAdmin SIG Meeting - Various

Drew Chiaiese and David Heisler from Oracle joined us!
We went over and adopted the bylaws for the group and then I was put forward for Secretary of the SIG!
1581299.1 - 12.2 Information Center
793436.2 - Hot Topics
1580100.1 - MOS Accreditation

Arizona/New Mexico OAUG - Kickoff Meeting - Various (including Me!)

This was a really positive meeting!!  There were individuals in attendance which had run groups in both states before, so I think we will have a lot of good information about what works and does not so going forward we will be more successful!

The Bad One In Your Crop - SQL Tuning Analysis For DBAs - Martin Klier - @MartinKlierDBA

If you can do it, submit abstracts for the DOAG conference in Germany, but even if you do not do that make sure to follow the hashtag #DOAUG2016 later this year!
SQL -> Syntax -> Semantic -> Library Cache check -> Optimizer -> Execution is a hard parse!
Soft parse avoids the Optimizer because it has been found in the Library Cache.
Great story about bad weather affecting DB performance, and something I have seen happen in person (not with bad weather, we never have that in Arizona).
Bind peeking is a harder soft parse.
Before you tune, analysis is mandatory!
Starts with "What's the problem?"
His style is to simplify your toolset by using AWR/ statspack, SQL*Plus, SQLci, SQL Developer, dbms_xplan.display_cursor; being suspicious; looking thoroughly; having situational awareness; using intuition (over time you will get the right approach 80%); going down to the second, one hour has 3600 seconds which is a static and common measurement.
Finding the culprit (unfortunately this is where I had to step out and take a phone call, but I cannot to download the presentation and finish it!)

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