Saturday, February 22, 2014

An odd AME error when submitting expense report

A few days ago we had a user report they had run into an error when they tried to submit their expense report for approval:

Error Name: WFENG_ITEM_ATTR Error Number: 3103 Error Message: 3103: Attribute 'AME_ENABLED' does not exist for item 'APEXP/<expense report ID>'. Error Stack: Wf_Engine.SetItemAttrNumber(APEXP, <expense report ID>, USER_ID, <user ID>) Wf_Engine.SetItemAttrText(APEXP, <expense report ID>, AME_ENABLED, Y

Looking on MOS I found several articles, but none seem to be directly on point as note 401070.1 assumes that a profile option is set wrong (and it isn't for us) and note 317539.1 believes that a tablespace needs to be altered and Apache bounced (neither one needed to be addressed here).  To resolve the issue I had the user withdraw, and then resubmit their expense report, and while I don't know what the root cause for this was I wanted to share it with the community just in case you encounter it in the future.

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