Friday, February 28, 2014

OBIEE and why TEMP space is really important

Several months ago I shared that the DBAs were proactive in creating a TEMP space alert so we could see dangerous activity before it caused our EBS application a problem.  Releasing a new version of OBIEE to run against our Financials database, nightly they were doing "test" runs for several months of data to iron out any potential problems with their schemas, etc. before they turn the dashboards on in a few weeks.  Each night, we would see our TEMP space alert go off and while it did not reach extreme levels, we were concerned enough to let the OBIEE and DBA teams know about it before they did the entire dataload.

A few days/weeks go by, and they finally are ready to do the entire dataload.  What do you think happens?  That's right, we ran out of TEMP space so the database just paused like I've reported before on "statement suspended, wait error to be cleared" wait events until TEMP space was added so the dataload could be completed over to the Financials database.  Not only is this another chance to reiterate how important TEMP is, but ask the right questions about applications that hook into yours even if you are told it is just to extract data.

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