Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who is a developer, and who is a DBA?

This is the question that the oraclenerd, Chet Justice, has burning his in mind so he's asked Tom Kyte and Cary Millsap about where they think they fit in the traditional definitions and I think he was trying to get at the difference between the roles (at least in Cary's interview!).  Of course the comments add some meat to the subject as well, and he links to a few older articles where this has come up before!

Being in Support I think I have a high level outsiders view of the values and traits that make these roles (and the people) successful or not.  Along these lines, I think I'll have to make up my own definition of what makes a truly good Support individual and then share it to see what everybody else thinks!

What traits or attitudes do you think helps make a good developer, DBA, or Support person?

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