Friday, February 14, 2014

R12: Problem with Expense Report Export Program

Our A/P group reported an issue when a line on the Expense Report Export Program showed up indicating "Expense Report Line and Distribution Totals do not match" while the table AP_EXPENSE_REPORT_HEADERS_ALL showed "EXPENSE LINE DIST MISMATCH" for the REJECT_CODE.  This was news to me as I had not seen it in R11 nor the past three months we had been running on R12 so off to My Oracle Support I went, and I found document 1582981.1 entitled "Expense Report Export Rejection: Expense Report Line and Distribution Totals do not match".  This has the patch or patches which may have caused this, one of which WAS in our system, matches our exact error messages/text, and has additional SQL statements which allow you to verify if this note applies to the data in your tables.

You have two options to fix this, as you do with most issues found in MOS: patch or get a datafix.  Luckily after submitting the information requested in this note via the SR process, the Oracle analyst indicated it was a rather simple datafix and after applied it DID resolve the issue at hand.  I wanted to highlight this problem because the cause of it as detailed in the MOS note needs to be in your testing suite if you're on or thinking of going to R12 since it could be more frequent for your shop or happen a lot sooner after implementation.


  1. Hi Rusty,
    We are having the same issue. However since we are importing the data in the table, Oracle is not ready to give us the datafix. I was wondering what fields did they fix in the datafix. Could you provide the script.
    Jitendra Patpatia

  2. patch 18884462 -- for the REJECT_CODE in AP_EXPENSE_REPORT_HEADERS_ALL

    For 'Expense Report Line and Distribution Totals do not match' - Bug 16286943