Saturday, February 15, 2014

R12: Unable to change Supplier information

Since I'm on an A/P bug kick, and I've shared with you some knowledge about Supplier changes in R12, I should probably also clue you in on another item to add to your testing suite!  The other day A/P was in the web portal trying to change the inactivation date on a Supplier record when they received an error message indicating "Context Value Doesn't Exist In Value Set $FLEX$.DF_CONTEXTS" and the form wouldn't let them actually save their changes.  MOS note 1458183.1 indicates this happens because setup wasn't migrated over, or because there was a decision made to not migrate data, so you get two solutions: one if you want to fix your DFF and the other if you want to get a bugfix.

If you aren't testing the removal (or change) of information to your migrated data for A/P you should probably start trying to break the system by doing it, and even branch out to test other application data that was migrated because you might be able to introduce patches to your code base early in the process to prevent re-testing.

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