Friday, June 13, 2014

OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech: Early Bird Pricing Ends 6/18

In July I will be in Pittsburgh to present at the OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech conference, and if you have not already signed up you should do so by 6/18 as you will save an extra $100 with Early Bird Pricing!  If you are not sure that it is worth the investment, view the preview webinars to get a good taste of what you will find at the conference; I can say that without being tongue in cheek having watched one of them this morning and snapped several screenshots of the presentation so I can digest the information later!

I hope to see you next month, and if you have any questions about the conference please add to the comments!  I might direct you to somebody with the OAUG, but I would rather you ask even if I cannot give you an answer myself!

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