Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 6/19/14

Yes, there was something besides World Cup tweets on Twitter this week.  :}

Announcements: - Announcing the Exadata X4 platform! - David Fitzjarrell shares that Apress/IOUG press is now online. - Laskhmi Sampath lets us know that MS Office 2013 is now certified with EBS R12.1.3! - I don't know how, but Raghuram found my tweet from a few days ago and added it to his daily EM paper! - OAUG creates a new SIG and GEO!

Training/Free Stuff: - Did you know that the Developer Relations YouTube channel is a year old now?  It even has more than 100 videos up too! - Here are 23 FREE Q&As from the OCP Upgrade to 12c exam guide! - A whitepaper on Oracle Partitioning!

General News/Information: - Oracle Security posits that organized crime is as powerful as some countries.  Agree or disagree? - Jonathan Lewis on the costs for DELETE operations. - Kellyn Pot'Vin shares a post from a WebLogic blog on analyzing a stuck piece of code. - Allan Robertson shares the first part of Service Reliability and Pythian shares part two here - Xavier Picamal shares a LinkedIn debate about log file sync wait. - What are 5 things you can learn from security threats? - Do you support Oracle Fusion Middleware?  Then maybe this pretty new Oracle blog on practical experience with the application might be your cup of tea. - Kyle Hailey shares more insights from Andrew Holdsworth: if you are updating 1 row per ms, do you know how long it takes for 1 trillion rows? - Do you need to present data?  Here are 50 ways to do it! - Prasanna Peshkar found this post from Tanel Poder to be pretty awesome. - Oracle shares trends in data center consolidation. - Iggy Fernandez has part 2 of a series about the EXPLAIN PLAN. - Leighton Nelson tells us how MTTR setting changes the DBWR work profile. - Fuad Arshad shares a take on the Oracle 12c In-Memory Option.

Conference News: - Why does Debra Lilley present at user groups? - Don't miss an opportunity to learn from Jonathan Lewis! - Not going to KScope?  You can view it remotely! - Pythian was at the ECRUG conference this year and so was Subhajit! - Debra was at the BGOUG conference!  It's nice to be an ACE Director! - In a few days, I'll tell you why this tweet from Andrew Holdsworth at the AOUG Vienna is SO funny! - Martin Berger got to see Christian Antognini at the AOUG conference speak about adaptive query optimization! - Martin also shares this slide from Andrew Holdsworth about performance that people get.

Social Media/DevOps: - THAT Jeff Smith shares a post about why you should start presenting.  Sure it's not about Social Media or DevOps, but it is about getting out of your comfort zone and interacting with people; both of which are tenants of these two headings!

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