Monday, July 21, 2014

OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech 2014: Day 1

The first day of our OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech virtual conference was a great event!  I wasn't able to attend all of the sessions, but I did get to all of the ones I was looking forward to!

10:00 AM - Mike Swing (@mike_swing) - The Big Picture of the R12.2.3 Upgrade

The best tip from this presentation was his recommendation to wait for 12.2.4!
There was a LOT of information shared, so much so that Mike would have had to do more than 2 slides every minute but he was so detailed and gave so much additional information that he went slightly over the allotted timeframe.  That means we got plenty of different choices in how to upgrade, information as to obsolete products, and items to complete prior to the event!
E48839-03 is a document you need to review for upgrading from R12.0 to R12.2 and read MOS note 1349240.1 for more preparation!
Great tips like turning off CNAME before the upgrade, and then turning them back on might just save the day for you later.
MOS ID 1531121.1 - Online Patching Enablement
MOS ID 1355068.1 - Patching Technology Components
The patch for R12.2.3 is 17020683!
You can check your JRE information with MOS ID 455492.1
A good reminder that you have to have a second file system for your patch edition so prepare for a lot more space needed!
Another great tip was Mike cleaned up tax codes to prevent patching on 93 million records in Order
Entry, and there were also errors in HR and GL as well.
1594274.1 is the main list of bug fixes for R12.2 and later we saw the patch for R12.2.3 was marked as superseded by R12.2.4 which is surprising as there has been no announcement of the release!

11:30 AM - John Peters ( - R12.2 Development and Deployment of Customizations

John reminds us how there is lots of extra storage required in terms of DB/OS because of data changes/OS file changes.
I also learned a bit more about using great graphics in the presentation, as there were several really awesome informational graphics!
How do you set your edition at the OS?  Run "source /oracle/ebs122/EBSapps.env run" or "source /oracle/ebs122/EBSapps.env patch".
The biggest thing I took away from this was table names have to be 29 characters or less, while column names have to be 28 characters or less.  Why was this the big take away?  This is something we can be working on for the next few years to prep for our R12.2 before we need to deploy it!
MOS ID 1577661.1 - Customizations in R12.2

3:30 PM - Elke Phelps (Oracle) - Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Best Practices: Technical Insight

Elke presented a LOT of information, and even though most of it is hosted by My Oracle Support, do not let that fool you into thinking it is not worth reading more about it!

MOS ID 1638535.1 - RPCs
MOS ID 1506669.1 - R12.2.2 readme
MOS ID 1586214.1 - R12.2.3 readme
MOS ID 1583092.1 - AD/TXK deltas
MOS ID 1290886.1 - Data Model Comparison
Purge Portal in SysAdmin responsibility!
MOS ID 1583752.1 - R12 Upgrade Performance issues

5:00 PM - Mike Brown ( - Getting Ready for 12.2: Edition-Based Redefinition

One interesting item Mike shared was edition changes do not change for current connections, and that is why you have an apps bounce at the end of the upgrade process!
While this might seem like a repeat of John Peters' presentation earlier, Mike did a real world demo which showed us what happens when editions are changed and how it affects the connections.
R12.2.3 is better than beta code (12.2.0)
select * from dba_editions
select property_value from database_properties where property_name = 'DEFAULT_EDITION'
select sys_context('Userenv', 'Current_Edition_Name') from dual
First time I believe I have ever seen the error "ORA-38810: Implementation restriction: cannot drop edition that has a parent".

6:30 PM - George Somogyi (@georgesomogyi (maybe?)) and Rey Mendez - E-Business Suite Big Data Purge - An Approach to Archive and Purge Financial Accounting Hub Data

This presentation was the one I was MOST looking forward to today, but honestly while I did get quite a bit from it, there was not a big reveal of HOW it was done which disappointed me.  I wanted to get more from George as he was the one that was with the company that needed the purge to happen, and Rey was in the outside consultant/PM type role.
There were several architecture images which makes me think about how I can present some things down my road, so that was a great takeaway.
Having 20 million records created in the Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) every day, there was a lot of data they needed to take care of after several years of running so it was another great example of what we need to prepare for in our own system!
Again, there were a lot of takeaways for me from a presentation format going forward especially when George and Rey were talking about data.
The size of FAH represented 85% of their 8 TB database!
There was a FAH interface table GL_XLT shared which had a lot of their data in it.
What I thought odd was they were not aware of any Oracle purge processes for FAH, so I need to research some documentation on the XLA tables and understand why there might not such utilities out there already because it was also odd that Rey said there were not APIs followed to do the actual purging.

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