Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OAUG Connection Point - AppsTech 2014: Day 3

Following up on a relatively anti-climactic day of not attending sessions yesterday, I actually did get to listen to one today!!

11:30 AM - Glenn Keller - How Do You Select and Truncate 5 Billion EBS Records?  Very Carefully

This was one of the sessions I REALLY wanted to see because purging has been something I have become very interested in over the last several years after starting my own purge journey.  That said, I learned a bit about how Glenn approached his project, and the tool he used to generate 7000 SQL scripts, but we didn't get to really see anything they did.  Complicating matters further, this was not a straightforward EBS purge since it was the removal of proprietary and classified information from a database.  Maybe if there was some take away about scrubbing information in general, I would have felt that I gained something, but again this was just the review of what was done and not a lot of how.

Why did I only attend a single session today?  I found out that being in a virtual conference does have some positives!  Today we had family members in a pretty serious car crash several hours away from us and not being across the country I was able to tell my boss about it, have him tell me to go take care of the family, and then rush home to pack a few things before driving for a few hours to make sure everybody is okay.  That is nothing to sneeze at, and an obviously unexpected benefit of being in town.

I do want to listen to quite a few other sessions from this conference, so when I see them published I will do some reviews after I get the chance to listen to them!

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