Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Learning: Exadata recommended IORM patches

I have mentioned favoriting articles on My Oracle Support a time, or two, or even three and today is yet another blog post in that same mindset.  If you are on an Exadata platform, you should add the article "Recommended Patches for Exadata I/O Resource Manager" document ID 1340181.1 in your MOS favorites so you can stay up to date with critical patches for the Exadata IORM.  Plus, as usual with these articles on MOS you can find a link to the master note for IROM which contains bug fixes, monitoring scripts (yay alerts!) and a bevy of other article links for Exadata minded individuals!

Still hungry for more on IORM?  Visit my post from last year where Carlos Sierra clued us in on a great blog post from a colleague at Enkitec about using the Oracle monitoring scripts to detect problems with Exadata IO latency.

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