Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 7/3/14 (Part I)

Going into the American holiday of July 4th, I am splitting up a very long week of reading Twitter into multiple posts which I do not think you will mind at all!

Announcements: - Did you know that Pythian bought Blackbird?  Looks like they are stacking up data experts! - Oracle SOA Suite 12c is now available! - David Haimes tells us about Oracle's newest $5+ Billion deal. - From Oracle Learning Library (if you aren't following, do it now!) is a post on the release of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c. - The Oracle Mobile Application Framework is now live! - The newest OS for ZFS has set a world record!

Training/Free Stuff: - Lakshmi is having a webinar hosted by OAUG on SLA lessons learned. - Who would want to pass up getting demo files from Steve Feuersteien on PL/SQL? - Free 15 questions from the OCA 12c SQL Fundamentals I Exam Guide!  I printed these out and learned something from trying to go through them! - Join Kellyn Pot'Vin for a webinar on the new 12c AWR Warehouse. - Have you signed up for the OTN Virtual Technology Summit? - Another set of 15 Q&A's from Oracle Press, this time from the 12c Installation and Administration Exam Guide.

General News/Information: - Tanel has an enhancement request he would like to see go through. - Allan Robertson reminds us about Pete Finnigan's blog with this article on 12c SQL translation as it relates to security. -Allan is on a roll as he shares with us a post he found about converting SCNs to timestamps and vice versa. - Again Allan comes through for us with this article on how to map back Linux processes to DB processes. - A new feature of Oracle SOA Suite 12c is Native Format Translation! - Kyle Hailey helps inform us that 97% of world's fastest supercomputers run Linux. - A great question is asked about if an HBA goes crazy/bad, do you notice beforehand?  Good discussion in here! - Xavier Picamal shares an old article from Pythian about ACLs, but it is still relevant if you are new to using (or coping) with ACL setups! - Another article shared by Xavier, this time from David Fitzjarrell about the team that it takes to support a "slow DB". - A tip from Jeff Smith on using multiple monitors with Oracle SQL Developer. - Check out all the features of SOA Suite 12c! - Oracle University has created SOA Suite 12c upgrade videos! - Did you know there is an Oracle DB Resource Portfolio Home Page on MOS? - Mark Hurd has joined Twitter, and releases a post on 5 reasons CEOs should love the cloud.  He had more than 2,000 follows in just 24 hours! - A Smart View presentation from KScope14, along with several different links that might be useful learning for you! - Christian Antognini has published his files for the newest edition of Troubleshooting Oracle Performance. - Plan for Cloud?  Mark Hurd wants Oracle to be #1. - June Oracle Security newsletter. - Steve Feuerstein's part 2 of a new series on the "joy" of PL/SQL. - Whitepaper for developing a WebLogic 12.1.3 server. - Elke Phelps (via Steven Chan's blog) shares a great idea and webinar for creating a proactive strategy for Oracle EBS maintenance. - Don't miss out on Biju Thomas' "Oracle Tidbits". - If you are at all interested in SOA Suite 12c, you need to hit this link to add Lucas Jellema and others plus a great read about releasing blog posts after the announcement. - Tanel Poder's "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide, Part 6" about execution plans and an interview with him too!

Conference News: - Don't forget that the deadline to submit to the East Coast Oracle conference is July 14th! - A sneak peek of the confirmed speakers for UKOUG Apps14!

Social Media/DevOps: - Join a Special Interest Group (SIG) to widen your audience and meet others with your skill/mind set. - A great article from Jeff Smith of Oracle SQL Developer fame, with tips on how to increase your chances to be accepted to a conference.

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