Sunday, March 2, 2014

Checking into Hotsos!

Through some bumpy weather, I finally arrived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to below 30 degree weather and snowflakes.  In a t-shirt.  Good thing I'm originally from Michigan and am used to cold weather!

A short ride later, and checked into the Omni Mandalay hotel and then relaxed a bit before going downstairs to pick up my registration badge.  Next it was on to the technical portion of our broadcast where I got to try out my hardware to see how it would present to the attendees (both local and virtual), which went rather well without a hitch!

The best part was actually getting to meet with some of the speakers for a few minutes, some names I've seen, some people I follow on Twitter or my blog roll, others I had not yet met:

Amit Podder
George Srdanov
Jim Czuprynski - @jczuprynski and
John Hurley - @GrumpyOldDBA and
Luca Canali - @LucaCanaliDB and

George had presented last year and was kind enough to take Jim and I down to a local deli that had a bunch of stuff that we could stock up on and we all grabbed a few things after looking around a bit.  While we mentioned something about a return trip later tonight, the hail that came down just as we left the deli made us rethink those plans a bit even though it was just 2 blocks away.  Hail.  In Dallas.

If you haven't registered, it's still not too late as you could enjoy the virtual option and not even leave your house!

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