Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hotsos Symposium 2014 - Training Day

I broke my routine and skipped breakfast this morning, but I made it here in time for Tanel's presentation!

  Systematic Troubleshooting Approach
  Metrics, what to use when?
  Oracle 12c topics
  OS touch-point and lower level stuff

Doing a really deep dive into today's presentation isn't fair to Tanel, or the other attendees that spent their cold hard cash to be here, so I'm only going to highlight a few items that might help you out.  Before you leave!  Tanel did post his Training Day from 2010 which had a lot of what he based today's presentation off of, so if you need to learn something from him here is an excellent opportunity.

Review the ASH table.  There are some "hidden" gems in it!
What does IS_SQLID_CURRENT in ASH do or mean?  Tanel doesn't know, he hasn't really used it.  Sounds to me like a good thing to learn!  He suggests that we read te documentation. :}
Totally off subject, but it makes me feel good that Tanel thinks he would fail some Oracle exams!
What are the different types of profiling, and what do you use?

Some tables mentioned today:


Tools mentioned today:

Snapper script (located here)
Ashtop.sql (located here)

How does a phone bill relate to Oracle performance tuning?  You'd be surprised!  Great example!
Great use of EM to dive into a performance problem!
Tanel was channeling Cary Millsap a bit and it was awesome!
He taught us something about ASH Analytics in 12c, which looks really cool and useful too!

If you didn't attend Hotsos Symposium this year, I would strongly recommend it, and even MORE strongly recommend signing up for the Training Day next year!

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