Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Learning: OBIEE 11g and DBFS

MOS note 1621469.1 captured my attention, as we have just implemented OBIEE again but on the 11g platform this time but I haven't had a lot of exposure to that or DBFS.  What is DBFS?  The note has a good explanation, I'll need to find more documentation about the subject later, but it boils down to a File System for Oracle Databases that can be used instead of NFS or ZFS based on SecureFile LOBs with access controlled with PL/SQL procedure calls.

The point of the article was if DBFS can be used for OBIEE 11g, and I'll steal a bit of thunder for once and tell you no it can't be used.  What I won't tell you, is WHY that is the case, and if you are curious you can visit the MOS note!

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  1. Curious to know more as we were thinking of using DBFS as a report repository. Came across your blog via Google. Can you point out where I can find out more (MOS note). Not sure what an MOS note is or where it can be found. Thanks.