Tuesday, March 18, 2014

R12: Accounting Program/Create Accounting reports stall

At 7 AM our Submit Accounting and Unposted Items Report that should have run hours earlier were just sitting in the Concurrent Manager in a Pending status.  I found that this was due to an incompatibility between these reports, the Accounting Program and Create Accounting reports but they started at 8 PM so I had to solve the puzzle for why they were still running.  What challenges did I face while trying to verify this?
  • The Accounting Program and Create Accounting reports did not actually create any entries in the log files so I couldn't tell that they were alive at all.
  • Even further, I tried finding these alive in gv$session but I couldn't find anything by ACTION or MODULE.
  • Our monitoring that constantly runs was reporting the Create Accounting report had a particular SID/SERIAL# combination but looking at that SID in gv$session actually saw different sessions coming in and out which were not our programs.
When a co-worker came in, I was at my wit's end, and I asked him to take a look at this.  Imagine my surprise when he tells me the Accounting Program and Create Accounting reports had been completed!  What did I learn from this?  The reports don't actually log their activity while they are alive and running, until they complete so it is easy to think they are dead!  I'll be opening up an SR to see if bug 17662654 relates to this problem, and if so I'll have to get the bug reopened as it has been closed.  If this isn't related, then I'll need to research this more locally when I get a chance.

A few other items I found on MOS that may be related are as follows: 1378432.1, 1463805.1, patch 14013094, 1465689.1, 791049.1, patch 16060007.

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