Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oracle Applications Patchset Comparison Utility

You may already be aware of this tool, but it has come up recently at work "how to know if we have the most recent patches applied?"  That's a great question!  Fortunately, My Oracle Support has the answer in note 139684.1 titled "R11i / R12.0 / R12.1 / R12.2: Oracle Applications Current Patchset Comparison Utility -".  The best part?  You can download an updated file containing the newest patches EVERY day from Oracle and re-run this utility to find out if there are new patches EVERY day!  That's awesome!  I'm even thinking of putting this into a cron job to go out and get the file, then run the utility automatically so I'll have a fresh output each morning when I get in.  Talk about being proactive!

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