Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exadata disk mapping utilities!

Continuing our blog spotlight on Tanel, I'm always surprised by how many scripts he has created and shared with us about Exadata, wait events, performance, and just troubleshooting in general.  The first post we're reviewing today shares how to find out what your disk information is from ASM to the very storage cells of Exadata!  Going into such detail gives me several ideas for how to script out alerts which don't rely on our Oracle ASR machine to tell us when something goes out.

The second thread is very closely related to the first, but in this article he has what I'd call a quick and dirty set of scripts that allows you to see a. a lot of information at one glance and b. some very in-depth information after you've identified that something needs attention.  I'm not an Exadata DBA, but we have had some issues with disk so I'd like to keep these scripts handy for the next time we might be having problems so I can do some quick investigation and verification.

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