Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Twitter - 10/24/13

This week I go beyond my normal five tweets to share, and drop a big ten tweets that just might interest you! - Yury helps out the Twitter newbies with a tip. - Yury also drops a bombshell that OOW13 presentations are now FREE to the public.  Go now, before Oracle changes their mind!! - Oracle's EBS group shares the fact that JRE 1.7.0_45 is now certified with EBS. - As part of OracleDay events, 12 cities in North America get FREE Exalogic presentations! - The great folks at Pythian have opened a UK office! - The Oracle EBS team answers their question on what methods are available to diagnose R12 upgrade performance issues. - Uwe Hesse advocates for the use of SQL Plan Baselines from his current Oracle University course. - Greg Rahn (amongst others I've seen this week) tries to help us understand just how scary software bugs can be for the bottom line of a company that loses almost $500M due to it. - Uwe asks a rather good question about a hidden database parameter which appears to do nothing at all. - Kyle Hailey has a great statement, and probably hits really close to home for a lot of Support folks out there.

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