Wednesday, October 30, 2013

R12: A/R report goodness (DQM)

The other day a user was perplexed as to why the report DQM Serial Sync Index Program was being kicked off in their concurrent, under their login ID, when they had no idea of what the report was or what it did.  I was curious as well, so I probed a bit and asked some follow up questions like what they were doing at the time and it seemed that there was a particular task they were likely doing at the time these reports were being kicked off as them.  In the new R12 framework, they were going into the canned Oracle Customer:Standard web form (previously the canned Oracle application form) to update demographic information and to prove this out we had a dummy record changed which then resulted in the DQM Serial Sync Index Program to be submitted in the concurrent manager under the user's login ID.

What is the DQM Serial Sync Index Program you ask?  Well, with the changes to TCA (Trading Community Architecture) and the introduction of DQM (Data Quality Management) there have been some new wrinkles added in how updates are made and maintained in the system.  I found My Oracle Support notes 465993.1 (explains quite clearly what this is) and 737030.1 (link to the TCA administration guide) quite useful in my efforts to understand this a bit more.

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