Wednesday, October 23, 2013

R12: Credit Card Information

In 11i, we had a handle on how to find out what employees were linked with which credit cards by using the AP_CARDS_ALL table so during our first business day validation when we had a report of missing information this is where we first went to.  Finding the table had no entry for the employee's credit card information, we were curious so expanded our investigation to check how many other entries were missing.  What did we find?  ALL of the information we expected to see in the CARD_NUMBER column was gone for EVERY employee!

After a mini freak out, because we thought this was the first report of an epidemic problem, we turned to our project team for some information about this issue and were told that the information now resides in the IBY_CREDITCARD table which has a CCNUMBER field which is now used by the application.  Whew!  We dodged a bullet there!

If you want to get some additional information on this, and other new IBY (Oracle Payments) objects that can be installed with R12, visit MOS Note ID 1391460.1

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  1. Hi man, i have a question, the order to release a manual insert is first AP_cards_all or first iby_creditcard, you know?