Tuesday, October 29, 2013

R12: Event changes

Obviously since we weren't making any upgrades to our database with the R12 upgrade we weren't expecting to see a whole lot of new wait events, but we did realize that the application may act differently which would cause new wait events to either show themselves or get magnified if we'd already seen them.  These are some of the wait events that I've seen over the last few weeks which fall into the previous categories, some of which will get their own blog posts soon, so consider this a general lesson of how your system might change in ways you had not expected:

remote db file write
enq: UL - contention
enq: US - contention
FAL archive wait 1 sec for REOPEN minimum
gc buffer busy release
gc buffer busy acquire
Backup: MML write backup piece
log file sync
gc current block busy

I'll refer to it later as well, but the online documentation "Descriptions of Wait Events" from Oracle is one of my more referenced bookmarks at work (and I should probably post it on the site here as well too) when I encounter new wait events or try to make sense of something I might not have a full handle on.

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