Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 10 days of Blogging past: Day 4

The 10 days of Blogging past continues today with our post "Your Oracle DB not playing nice with Hyperion products" from 4/27/13 with 72 views. 

This is a rather straightforward post, hiding a deceptively complex issue.  How many of you know that you have alerts on 100% of your disk volumes?  Is /flash monitored on 100% of your systems?  Do you know which disk volumes are critical to the continued success of your application?  If you're responsible for Hyperion products, are they linked to an Oracle database that you're monitoring appropriately?

Going off on another tangent, it's clear from this post that "something" was going on and it was this "something" which caused us to do a wholesale reboot of our environment.  Now part of the process needs to be a way to investigate further/faster next time so we understand more about how our environment is working together to communicate and provide services to our end users.  As this never happened again, and we upgraded our Hyperion environment as well, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to replicate this (or see it replicated) but it does make one wonder if this "flaw" exists now so I have an outstanding item to test next year.  This was also a type of sequel from another post, where one server worked and another didn't in a RAC setting which didn't make a whole lot of sense either, but having this happen to us months earlier helped us to make better troubleshooting choices to get to our problem resolution a lot quicker next time.

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