Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Twitter - 12/12/13

I may have missed some tweets during the week, and may not have caught up entirely yet, but here's a lot of new stuff for you!

Announcements: - A reminder that IE7 is no longer a supported browser. - Pythian is receiving an award from the Toronto Board of Trade.  Pretty cool!

Training/Free Stuff: - WebLogic in practice, SSL configuration. - A webcast giving you five reasons to go to Oracle VM. - Frits Hoogland's presentation on multiblock reads! - Some Exadata training and resources from Oracle!

General News/Information: - Getting rid of additional HZ_PERSON_PROFILES data. - Christian Antognini starts a good conversation about PDB logging. - Steve Karam starts a good conversation on DB compatibility options and you should visit the MOS note listed here: - Rene Antunez shares a few quotes from Nelson Mandela and this one too - Leighton Nelson shares a good use of 12c. - UKOUG shares their Tech13 conference. - Kellyn makes a good point that bloggers everywhere should take to heart. - Christian with another great point to make! - R12.1.3 AR Receipts form issues relating to Customer name. - Rene asks why he is getting an ORA-01017 error message after changing the dbsnmp password.

Conference News:

A series of tweets about Collaborate14 this year:

Social Media/DevOps: - Is it worth joining an OUG (Oracle User Group)?

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