Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thursday Twitter (Turkey Leftovers) - 12/01/13

I've obviously missed a few weeks of my Twitter updates, so today you get a massive update following the same format as last time, and we'll see how it goes!

Announcements: - Larry Ellison inducted into the Business Hall of Fame, but the real "announcement" here is his tribute to Steve Jobs. - What are the recommended quarterly upgrades for the EBS system?  Well, now you can find out! - Last chance to take the Exadata 11g Essentials exam! - 25 MORE Twitter feeds that Oracle thinks we should be following, and while I'm not on there right now; I will be, I will be. - Going to skip Cyber Monday?  If you like Apress/Alpha books, you might not want to. - The new EBS 1099 patches have been released!

Training/Free Stuff: - Kyle Hailey shares a great way to absorb a lot of TED information in one gulp. - Oracle University wants to help us learn more about EBS end user best practices. - Tim Hall clues us in on the free e-book Multitenant for Dummies from Oracle. - Oracle Press shares a free chapter of the R12 EBS book on Oracle Enterprise Repository. - The Power of Names recorded by Steve Feuerstein for Dell. - Want an introduction to the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32?  Sign up for this webinar! - EBS team lets us know that there are free webinars for R12.1 and R12.2 on how to upgrade. - There is going to be an Oracle Innovation Forum in Denver, which gives you a chance to pick Kellyn Pot'Vin's brain! - Did you miss the first DBaaS webinar?  Well there's going to be another one on the 3rd, so go sign up. - A free subscription to the Oracle magazine!
General News/Information: - EBS team helps us learn about FSG Signal 11 errors. - The EBS team again comes through with a new analyzer for iProcurement items if you are on R12. - Bob Evans shares with us that SalesForce is having some issues lately. - Do you know what order to take certifications from Oracle?  Matthew Morris offers us a primer on it! - A scary Google what Skynet began as?  :} - A great bit on DevOps cycle on the humanity side of things. - Where are you going with your career?  Is an architect role in sight?  This might be worth a read! - All too often Jeff, all too often. - There's a DevOps conference?!?! - I think this is a bit harsh, but having experienced the waterfall method a bit I can say I see his point. - What does Oracle think availability best practices are? - Allan Robertson tell us that Facebook's VP of hardware thinks we are close to open source switches.  That's pretty interesting. - Leighton Nelson is interested if you are running Exadata with a ZFS backup device. - Allan has a corrupted LOB to deal with, and found MOS notes 833635.1 &  253131.1 useful in identifying the issue which looked to be a ORA-1555 error initially but was actually an ORA-22924 error in the end. - Seth has a "problem" with Exadata, and you won't believe what it is! - Great way to visually show the difference between object and relational databases. - What does Frits Hoogland think when the wait interface is not good enough? - Martin Berger asks a VERY thought provoking question, and with 30+ replies by some of the best in the game it's a good thread to read up on! - OAUG wants to help us learn from some failures on implementing R12. - This could fall in the announcements category, but I just thought it was interesting that Apple purchased this company. - Did you know there was a Concurrent Analyzer for EBS?  Grab it today!
Conference News: - In or near Ireland?  Well the call for papers for OUG Ireland 2014 closes on the 13th! - 575 abstracts were selected by OAUG for COLLAB 14 and here is the lineup! - The E4 call for papers closes at the end of the year!

DOAG:  There was a LOT of information coming out of this conference, so it gets a section all to itself! - Uwe Hesse shares words from Graham Wood about ELAPSED_TIME in v$sql, as does Benedikt Nahlovsky about ASH sample timing - Benedikt also shares what Craig Shallahamer presented for wait events, which is worth some time absorbing. - Maria Colgan let's us know that she's presenting the In-Memory and Bjoern Rost shows us how packed the room was for it! - Uwe tells us that PDB cloning will be available with a future patch, a limit on memory consumption hasn't been reached yet, that there is some hazy alert.log issues with PDB as well, and that creating a PDB clone on ZFS is easy as pie. - Benedikt tells us that Maria shared a new column required in Oracle 12c. - Uwe shares with us that an 11g instance running on version 12 needs to be on at least one ASM instance. - Uwe also keys in on the new Backup, Logging and Recovery Appliance and that a full backup is taken only once and then incremental after that.

Social Media: - A way to map out your Twitter followers! - A good tip for bloggers, one I learned about a year in and I wish I had known sooner. - Oracle shares The Power of Peer Networks. - Ten steps to successful blogging.

There are a few more days that I could add to this post, but I'll just make a promise instead to be a better blogger and give you a week's worth of Twitter this Thursday!

EDIT: I noticed a few of the hard returns didn't come out exactly right, so I've corrected that.

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