Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Twitter - 12/26/13

Taking a break from the 10 days of Blogging past feature to bring you an armload of Twitter presents!  I have a lot more tweets to share with you, but it looks like that will happen next year.  :}

Announcements: - Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.6 is now available! - Become a part of the Accreditation Program for My Oracle Support!!

Training/Free Stuff: - The newest edition of the Oracle magazine is now available, and you can sign up for it too! - Karen Morton is having a SQL tuning class soon!! - Oracle SOA Black Belt cheat sheets available for download! - Kyle Hailey gives us his UKOUG presentation!! - SQL Analytics Part 2, which is interesting enough you should review part 1 as well! - Carlos Sierra is offering training on the SQLTXPLAIN tool. - Oracle University reminds about the trainings they have available. - Virtual Sysadmin Day is happening again!! - Oracle Solaris Hands-On Lab is now available! - Learn the difference between SQL and NoSQL in this free chapter download!! - Do you want 20% off your training from Enkitec?

General News/Information: - Martin Berg comments on a tweet, which brings out some good information about PGA limits. - OAUG asks what your big accomplishments were for the year. - Oracle Excellence Award winners!! - Yury Velikanov was interviewed by IOUG! - Leighton Nelson asks a question about redo log threads, and starts a good conversation. - I've shared that the new Exalogic server has been released, but 720 cores per rack?!? - Who hasn't heard about the incident with Target?  This article makes it sound like it was an inside job. - Arup Nanda became a published author 11 years ago!! - Get help when Procurement performance is bad even after Purge Obsolete is run. - See what parameter Christian Antognini thinks should be set as default in - Latin America, Oracle and Exadata! - Oracle's Technology Year in Review!! - Leighton has a good insight about working with MOS! -What is your request for SQL Developer training videos? - Uwe Hesse got some feedback from a class which is pretty awesome! - A podcast on SQL Developer 4.0 featuring Jeff Smith! - Kevin notices that Exadata's Flash Cache Compression needs a software license. - Christian tells us that there is a new 12c feature with PL/SQL invoker's rights. - Andy Colvin shows us a very confused Exadata V2! - Tim Hall has a very Christmas-y picture for us.

Conference News: - Jeff Smith shares the top 4 KScope sessions he wants us to go to this year. - Richard Foote will be presenting at ODTUG's KScope as well!! - Register for the Hotsos Symposium this year and see ME!!

Social Media/DevOps: - Melinda Samson shares some tips about Google Analytics and benchmarking. - Get to page #1 on Google without using/thinking about SEO. - I didn't know you could segment your blogging traffic this way! - Kellyn reminds us about getting an page.

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