Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Twitter - 12/05/13

It's about time that I actually do this post on time huh?

I've obviously missed a few weeks of my Twitter updates, so today you get a massive update following the same format as last time, and we'll see how it goes!

Announcements: - The Quarterly EBS upgrade recommendations! - Bob is looking for you to guest produce the OTN ArchBeat.  That's an awesome deal! & - New Oracle ACEs!! - Last chance to take Linux 5 & 6 SysAdmin Beta tests for $50!

Training/Free Stuff: - Webinar on the R12 Financials Accounting Hub. - Use Linux on System Z?  Here's a webinar for you! - Tanel shares a presentation from Connor McDonald about Oracle analytic functions. - Get Chapter 44 free for Java Stored Procedures from Oracle DB 12c: The Complete Reference. - A webinar on OEM 12c storage tips and tricks for performance! - If you didn't attend Karen Morton's presentation on "Everyday Oracle Pro" do yourself a favor and visit the recording here. - Exalogic bootcamps are coming, register now! - Tanel is giving another troubleshooting and optimization course. - Free chapter of Oracle 12c New Features. - Presentation from UKOUG on ZFS for databases. - Test your GoldenGate 11g knowledge with a question! - Another free chapter from Oracle Press, this time on ASM Health Check Monitors.

General News/Information: - A MOS note for understanding FA mass additions, create, and troubleshooting. - Learn how encumbrance accounting flows from PO to GL with another MOS note. - Frits Hoogland with a more than average insight. - Great idea to get updates to this Exadata MOS note automatically! - Tanel Poder shares with us a MOS note about testing Exadata and RAC. - Starting up 252 PDBs with Oracle Multitenant! - Allan Robertson shares a great post about triage and troubleshooting, with some very good take aways. - Trunc Aggregation and HA. - Detecting application entry points. - Amusing image about the take over of the Amazon drones! - Automatic Receipts in R12 blog entry from the Oracle EBS team. - What are the top FIVE ATG notes being viewed by customers? - The start of the OakTable Network. - The period close advisor and how to make it a concurrent program: - A good reminder about Windows XP! - Steve has a great point.  Great point.

Conference News: - The MountainWest DevOps 2014 conference call for papers is now open!

UKOUG:  Again, we have a conference getting a section all to itself because of the volume coming out from it! - Slide from James Morle about throughput. - A fan of learning IO internals around direct path, IO submit, and IO slots from James Morle and Frits Hoogland. - Marc Fielding talks about Frits' multiblock reads magnum opus that took two years to complete. - Learning about scalar subqueries. - Uwe tells us that Point In Time recovery for PDB requires a container at a remote site. - Speaking of PDBs, there is the opinion that they won't be used for a few years. - Frits in action, and a comment that his presentation was so good that people couldn't tweet anything out during it.  That's pretty good! - IO latency heatmaps in action!  Download link is here: - How do you jump around PDBs like you do editions? - Ever have an issue you block from your mind, and it comes back when talking about something else?  Yeah, me too. - Maris freaks out a bit about the size of his room, and that's likely what I'll get in March.  :} - I don't know about witchcraft, or the witches that practice it, but I don't think we need to be going this far do we?  :} & - The community seems to be really open to new people participating, which is great news for me! - A great snapshot and caption about DBAs! - A lot like what I said from a few presentations at Hotsos 2012! - Maria (and others) won awards at the conference! - Downloading MOS patches with a script. - Jonathan shares his Basic CBO PDF. - Is your script using Exadata cells?  Query v$cell and find out! - Yury shares Maris' presentation on 10 ways to improve RMAN scripts. - Great endorsement, and sounds like what I think about OAUGs Collaborate. - WebLogic hackathon.

Social Media/DevOps: - Reducing "bounce rate" for your blogs. - What is the problem with DevOps? - Not often that I get to see what other bloggers habits are, but Jonathan Lewis gives us some insight here on some of his "routine". - I'm filing this under Social Media because while I'm branching out, maybe I should be getting an page too like Kellyn. - Kyle Hailey shares a post about PLNs (personal learning network) and I have to say, the past few months have made me a believer. - What is DevOps? - Getting more traffic with a "word cloud". - I've heard of PMBOK, but SABOK?

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